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How to create Pantone colour of the Year: Ultra Violet Jewellery

Create a Pantone purple necklace

Learn how to make Pantone colour of the Year: Ultra Violet Jewellery.

In this week Hints & Tips tutorial we are embracing the chosen Pantone colour of the year, Ultra Violet! Our step by step guide will teach you how to make a beautiful multi gemstone necklace perfect for embracing this year’s colour. All essentials to make this necklace are included in the Purple with Envy jewellery kit. The multi shades and finishes of the ultra violet gemstones used really creates a stunning depth and interest, making this necklace a perfect statement accessory to add to your collection. Don’t forget to share any of your beautiful creations with us via social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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Step One

Cut 2 lengths of beading thread approx 65cm's/25 inches long add a stopper to secure 2 of the ends together. To one thread add 5 x 2mm purple fluorite a gemduo bead then 1 x 2mm purple fluorite, repeat adding a gemduo and a fluorite until you have 14 gemduo's with a fluorite in between ending with 5 x 2mm fluorite beads.


Step Two

Sort out 7 graduating purple pear drops with the largest in the centre and 3 graduating sizes for each side. To the second strand add a 2mm purple amethyst, a 6mm agate, a 2mm purple amethyst, the smallest coated pyrite pear drop. Repeat this threading pattern graduating the pear drops as in the picture.


Step Three

With the gems centred on the threads and with the pear drops on the bottom and the gemduo's on the top take each thread through the separate drill holes in the gemduo then add 2 x 2mm fluorite to each strand a gemduo and 2 x 2mm fluorite to each strand.


Step Four

Taking both threads together thread on a 6mm agate and a crimp bead. Making sure you centre the design on the threads crimp the crimp bead and cover with a crimp cover.


Step Five

Carefully cut off one of the threads exiting the crimp leaving just one of the threads to complete the design.


Step Six

Thread on to the single thread 6 to 7cm's/2 to 3 inches of purple opal rondelles graduating in size, one 2mm fluorite,11 x 6mm agate and a crimp bead.


Step Seven

Add a clasp and letting all the beads drop down into place take the end of the thread back down through the crimp bead. Pull the end of the thread leaving a loop so the clasp has movement then crimp the bead and add a crimp cover. Snip off the excess thread.


Step Eight

Repeat steps 3 to 7 to mirror image the opposite side of the necklace to complete the design.

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