Skill Level: Advanced


How to create a fancy wirework pendant/connector

Wirework pendant connector

Step One

Using your multishaped wire mandrel, position it in the centre of your 2m length of wire, and wrap the wire around the second smallest round-section twice, bringing both wires back to the top of the loop.

Step Two

Take one of the wires and wrap it around the smallest round-section of the mandrel twice to create another loop that sits close to the first one. Bring the wire back to the top of the new loop. Repeat this with the second wire so you end up with a large central loop and a smaller one on each side.

Step Three

Using the larger of the two mandrel sizes, repeat Step 2 so you have a large loop either side of the previous small ones.

Step Four

Switching back to the smaller mandrel size make two more loops, one on each wire. You should now have seven loops in the cluster.

Step Five

Using the larger mandrel size, bring both sides of the cluster together by wrapping the wires around the mandrel once in opposite directions to create the final loop, bring both wires back to the top.

Step Six

Keeping the mandrel inside the last loop, twist the two wires together to anchor them in place.

Step Seven

Using your fingers make two free-form petal shapes on each wire, and bring both wires around to make a final fifth petal shape at the top.

Step Eight

Wrap both wires around the base of the fifth petal to secure the whole thing together, then trim off the wires leaving a tail of about 2 inches on each one.

Step Nine

Using round nose pliers make a small loop at the end of each wire and spiral them both down to the centre so one sits on the front of the pendant and one sits behind it.

Step Ten

You now have a finished wirework pendant/connector that can be used to connect several strands of gemstones to make elaborate necklace designs or simply use it as a focal point pendant.

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