Skill Level: Advanced


How to create a Wire Mesh Flower Headband

Wire mesh flower headband

Step One

Cut approx 1.5m of 0.25mm wire and starting about 2.5inches up, wind one end around the Headband a few times to anchor it in place. Squeeze the wrapped wire with Flat Nose Pliers to ensure no sharp edges can be found. Thread on a Shell Pearl and wrap the wire tightly around the band three or four times.

Step Two

Continue adding Shell Pearls in the same way until you have covered about two thirds of the band. Don't cut the excess wire off because you'll need it later on!

Step Three

Cut approx 1m of 0.8mm Wire and leaving a tail of about 2 inches, make a petal shape by moulding the wire with your fingers and using Flat Nose Pliers, bend the wire over to create the tip of the petal, then fold the wire back down to your starting point and wrap it around the base two or three times.

Step Four

Using the same piece of wire make four more petals in the same way and twist the end wire with the initial 2 inch tail to secure it in place.

Step Five A

Take the wire mesh and gently insert the tip of the pliers into it to prise it open forming a tube.

Step Five B

Feed one of the wire petals into the mesh tube and wriggle the mesh down to the centre of the flower so the petal is completely covered. Leave a little excess mesh before cutting the reel away.

Step Six

Fold the excess mesh over towards the centre of the flower and with your fingers squeeze it together. Using the Flat Nose Pliers pinch the tip of the petal and roll it inward towards the centre of the flower securing the mesh in place. Tuck in the mesh at the centre of the flower so it sits as close around the base of the petal as possible. Repeat this step until all the petals have a wire mesh covering.

Step Seven

Cut approx 1m of 0.25mm wire wrap one end around the centre of the flower a few times then thread on your 10mm Shell Pearl and bind it into the middle of the petals.

Step Eight

With the rest of the 0.25mm wire make the stamens. To do this thread on a 4mm bead, hold it about 2 inches away from the centre of the flower and bend the wire back down to the middle. Pinch both wires together and twist the bead until the wires are twisted all the way down to the middle then wrap the wire around the base of a petals.

Step Nine

Repeat Step 8 to make four more stamens then bring the excess wire down underneath the flower and wrap it around the stem a few times.

Step Ten

Wrap the stem wires around the headband to secure it in place, trim off and tuck in any ends from the 0.8mm wire.

Step Eleven

Pick up the 0.25mm wire left from Step 2 and use it to secure the rice pearls either side of where the flower joins the headband before continuing to add the rest of the Shell Pearls to the headband.

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