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How to create a Ruby Bracelet

Learn how to make a Ruby Bracelet with JewelleryMaker.

Create this beautiful Ruby Bracelet for a July born friend or family member by following these simple step-by-step instructions. Ruby is well known for being the birthstone for the month of July and is also the anniversary gemstone for both the 15th and 40th year of marriage. This gemstone could also have healing properties as it’s been thought to minimise sadness, prevent nightmares and protect its wearer against a number of illnesses. Why not create a jewellery suite by following the same technique? Make a matching necklace and earrings to complete the look. Don’t forget to share your versions with us via social media, by clicking through to our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages when your jewellery is ready.

Step One

Cut approx 1 m of beading thread, feed on a jumpring and let it fall to the middle, then put both ends of the thread through the a crimp bead. Secure with Crimping Pliers so the jumpring is in the centre of the beading thread and cover with a crimp cover.

Step Two

Pass both threads in opposite directions through a silver spacer bead and pull tight. On each thread add a ruby rondelle, a spacer bead and another Ruby rondelle, then pass both threads in opposite directions through another spacer bead and pull tight to form a loop.

Step Three

Repeat Step 2 until you have 20 complete loops (or your desired bracelet length).

Step Four

Repeat Step 1 with a new thread. Pass both threads in opposite directions through a silver spacer bead and pull tight. Then position the new piece beside the first bracelet and repeat the pattern except, on the side closest to the original bracelet you add a Ruby rondelle then pass the thread through the existing spacer, add a Ruby rondelle and then cross your threads over through the next new spacer bead.

Step Five

Repeat the pattern in Step 4 until you have a double width bracelet.

Step Six

Finish off each side of the bracelet as if they were two individual ones by adding a crimp bead, jumpring and crimp cover to each side and secure in place with crimping pliers. Trim any excess threads away.

Step Seven

Open both jump rings on one end of the bracelet and add a Boltring clasp to each one. Then close the Jumprings to complete it.

Create a Ruby Bracelet
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