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How to create a peridot bracelet

Learn how to make a peridot bracelet with JewelleryMaker.

Our step-by-step instructions are fun and easy to follow! Why not make this beautiful Peridot Bracelet for yourself or an August born friend. To compliment this piece add Purple Quartzite rounds and Amethyst coins for an instant pop of colour to finish it off. Peridot is not only the birthstone for the month of August but has long been associated with luck. Additionally, many cultures have celebrated this magical stone in their myths and legends due it being able to ward off evil spirits. Create your own version and share your examples with us via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Step One

Cut 3 x 10 inches of beading thread, pass all three ends through a crimp bead, add on jumpring then bend all three threads over and back through the crimp trapping the jumpring in place. Secure the crimp with crimping pliers, cover with a crimp cover and trim off any excess thread.

Step Two

(A) Cut 2 x 2 inches of 0.8 wire then using round nose pliers make a loop at both ends of each wire, (B) still using the round nose pliers pinch the centre of each wire and bend ends up towards each other and (C) over the top to form a third loop in the middle of each piece to make connectors.

Step Three

Feed on 3 inches in length of mixed peridot chips and drops to each thread, then pass the threads through the loops on one of your connectors followed by a 4mm round, an amethyst coin, a 4mm round, then the other connector making sure it is the same way up as the first one. Finally add on 3 inches in length of mixed Peridot chips and drops to each thread.

Step Four

Bring all three strands together at the end and feed them through a crimp bead and a jumpring, bend the threads back over and through the crimp bead again trapping the jumpring at the end. Secure with crimping pliers, cover with a crimp cover and trim off any excess thread.

Step Five

To complete the bracelet add your Boltring clasp to one of the jumprings.

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