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How to create a mobius chainmaille bracelet

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Learn how to make a chainmaille mobius bracelet with JewelleryMaker.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a Mobius Chainmaille Bracelet. If you enjoy making jewellery and are eager to challenge yourself, the popular medium of Chainmaille is used to make an array of different styles of jewellery. Why not use the images and the instructions provided to create this bracelet using a different colour, to compliment your personal style. Or you could mix with different metals to create a unique look. We look forward to seeing your version so don’t forget to share your photos with us via our social media channels Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Step One

Open a jump ring and add on a closed jump ring and close it up again.

Step Two

Place your two jump rings down as shown in picture 2.

Step Three

Open another jump ring and add it through the two existing jump rings and close it.

Step Four

Place the three connected jump rings as in picture 4, this is one mobius link.

Step Five

Make up 16 Mobius links and join them together with a single jump ring between each link.

Step Six

Join seven single jump rings together to make an extender chain and join it to one of the end mobius links

Step Seven

Take an S-Clasp and join it to the mobius link on the opposite end of the bracelet.

Create a chainmaille mobius bracelet
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