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How to create a Fascinator

Create a fascinator for a weekend at the races

Learn how to make a fascinator with JewelleryMaker.

Stand out from the crowd by making something fabulous for a day out at the races. Follow these simple step by step instructions and you will surprise yourself with what you create. The use of the term fascinator began in the 1990s when such headpieces became popular for wearing at weddings while keeping your hair in one piece. We look forward to seeing how you make your Fascinator unique to your style and your outfit, so don’t forget to share your designs with us via social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Fascinator tutorial step 1

Step One

Plug in the glue gun and let it heat up. Decide which position you would like the black fascinator base to be on the head band, make sure the pointed end is down, add a small line of glue along the band and stick the base into position. You may want to add a few stiches to each end of the base onto the band for extra security.

Fascinator tutorial step 2

Step Two

Position the fuscia base upside down with the pointed end to the top, on top of the black base, and glue one to the other.

Fascinator tutorial step 3

Step Three

Glue the feather pad to the top end of the black base.

Fascinator tutorial step 4

Step Four

Open out the sinamay sheet. Cut diagonally to make a triangle with the longest edge being 78cm. Be very careful when cutting as the sinamay can have very sharp edges. Cut a 8cm wide strip along the long edge.

Fascinator tutorial step 5

Step Five

Fold the strip in half lengthways. Crease the center line, open out then fold in the edges into the center crease.

Fascinator tutorial step 6

Step Six

Plug in the steam iron and set to steam function. Place iron at one end of the strip, pull and steam the strip . The strip will elongate as you go and end up about 2 ½ cm wide. Cut a 45cm length then trim the ends to neat points.

Fascinator tutorial step 7

Step Seven

Re steam the trim and whilst still damp pass the edges across each other to make a loop. Glue or stich to keep the shape. Switch off the iron.

Fascinator tutorial step 8

Step Eight

Glue the loop onto the center of the fuschia base with the loop upwards and the points down.

Fascinator tutorial step 9

Step Nine

Take 4 of the peacock feathers, bundle the ends together and dab glue onto the ends to hold in place. Make 2 of these.

Fascinator tutorial step 10

Step Ten

Glue the feathers to the center of the fuschia base, one pointing up and one down.

Fascinator tutorial step 11

Step Eleven

To make the flower, take the fuschia piece of material and cut a 6 x 7 cm rectangle. Cut another 4 slightly graduating down. These do not need to be perfect in shape.

Fascinator tutorial step 12

Step Twelve

Light the candle and carefully run the edges of the squares over the flame until it starts to curl. Repeat with the other 4.

Fascinator tutorial step 13

Step Thirteen

Stack the pieces from large to small to form the flower then add a few stiches in the center to secure.

Fascinator tutorial step 14

Step Fourteen

Glue the flower to the center of the fuschia base. This finishes the fascinator beautifully and hides the workings. Unplug the glue gun.

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