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How to make Polymer Clay Leaf Jewellery

Create a Polymer Clay Leaf Jewellery

Learn how to make Polymer Clay Leaf Jewellery

Autumn is upon us, meaning it’s time to embrace stunning warm Autumnal colours, nature motifs and our favourite seasonal gemstones. This step by step tutorial will teach you how to make a polymer clay leaf jewellery suite. To complete this tutorial, you will need polymer clay, mica powder, a freshly picked leaf, findings and tools. This particular guide uses green clay to make the base of the leaf jewellery, however you can experiment with other autumnal colours such as red, orange or brown if you wish. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to share your final designs with us via social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Step One

Cut the polymer clay into small pieces and condition it by working it in between your fingers, pressing the pieces together and rolling it between the palms of your hands until the clay becomes soft and pliable. Press the ball of clay onto a ceramic tile and roll it out until approx 3mms or (1/8 inch) thick and big enough to press your leaf into


Step Two

Press the back of the leaf (the side which the vein detail is most prominent) into the clay with your fingers then roll the acrylic roller over to make sure the veins imprint into the clay


Step Three

Carefully lift the leaf away from the clay and trim around the leaf shape with a craft knife


Step Four

With your fingers or a soft paint brush add Mica powders to the edges of the leaf and lightly over the centre bringing out the detail of the veins


Step Five

Use a cocktail stick or awe to make a hole big enough to add a jump ring to the top of the leaf


Step Six

Place your leaves onto a ceramic tile or baking sheet and place in a pre-heated oven on a low temperature - 130 degrees for approx 30 minutes (or follow the instructions on the packet of your clay) then leave to cool


Step Seven

When cool, the edges can be filed with an emery board or fine file but leaving some rough edges gives a natural look to the leaf


Step Eight

Add jump rings to the leaves and add to a chain or your beaded designs to create a necklace. Add shepherd hooks for matching earrings

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