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How to create an Amethyst Bracelet

February Birthstone: Amethyst Bracelet

Learn how to make an Amethyst Bracelet .

Amethyst is considered a symbol of peace of mind and crystal healers believe the gem can revert negative energy into positive energy. Why not create something with a February born friend in mind. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions and you could create this elegant eye-catching piece of Jewellery. Why not create matching earrings and a necklace using the same method and create the perfect gift for yourself or that special person in mind. Remember to share your design with us via our social media channels, you can find us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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Step One

Cut a length of thread approx 40cm's long and add a crimp bead and a bolt ring clasp.


Step Two

Pass the thread back down through the crimp bead and crimp off.


Step Three

Cover the crimp bead with a crimp cover.


Step Four

Thread a curved spacer bars a 4mm disco spacer bead a 6mm Amethyst then a 4mm disco spacer, a 8mm Amethyst and a 4mm disco spacer. Repeat the pattern in reverse as in the picture.

How to make an Amethyst Bracelet - step 5

Step Five

Add a crimp bead then holding the end of the thread let the design drop down to the clasp. Add a 7mm jump ring and pass the end of the thread back down through the crimp bead and

>How to make an Amethyst Bracelet - step 6

Step Six

Crimp off cover with a crimp cover to complete your bracelet.

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