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How to create an amber necklace

Create an amber necklace

Learn how to make an amber necklace

Amber is a rich, warm organic gemstone created from the fossilised resin of ancient trees. Every piece of Amber is totally unique due to its' resin trapping random materials such as insects, leaves and fossils. It is believed that Amber brings good luck and aids wellbeing! Follow this step by step guide to create a stunning Amber rounds necklace and discover whether or not your luck improves! Amber is such a classic gemstone that you will be able to wear all year round. Have a go at creating your own and be sure to share your final designs with us via our social media channels, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

Thread 3 amber rounds onto beading thread and a S/S spacer bead. Repeat this with all the Amber and add a spacer bead after 3 Amber rounds


Step Two

Add a crimp bead to each end and the extender chain to one end, pass the thread back down through the crimp bead missing the chain and crimp with crimping pliers


Step Three

Cut away excess thread and add a crimp cover over the crimp


Step Four

Letting the beads drop down to the chain end and add a bolt ring clasp to the other end miss the clasp and pass the thread back down through the crimp. Repeating steps 3 and 4 to finish

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