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How to create a rock 'n' roll style necklace

Create Rock 'n' roll style necklace

Learn how to make a Rock 'n' Roll Style Necklace with JewelleryMaker.

This Rock ‘n’ Roll style necklace is the perfect design to kick off your jewellery making for 2017! The chain and the nuggets give the look an edgy feel that would instantly give any outfit some personality. Why not create a day time version using a softer colour pallet. Whatever style you want to go with, follow these step-by-step instructions to complete your look and we can’t wait to see your unique interpretations of this piece. We hope you’re following us on social media so you can share your designs with us, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Step One

Take the 2 x 7cms of chain and add the toggle clasp to each end using 2 of the 5mm jump rings.


Step Two

Add a 5mm jump ring to each end of the all the lengths of chain


Step Three

Thread the spinel onto beading thread making a 33cm length. At each end add a crimp bead and a 5mm jump ring, pass the thread back down through the crimp and squash with pliers to secure, add a crimp cover over the squashed crimp for a neater finish.


Step Four

Repeat step 3 to make another spinel length of 43½cms.


Step Five

Taking all the lengths of chain and spinel in order of length, add to a 7mm jump ring and connect to the 7cms lengths of chain from step 1.


Step Six

Making sure the chain and spinel lengths are in the same order add to the opposite side with a 7mm jump ring.

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