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How to create Marsala Earrings

Marsala Earrings

Follow these step-by-step instructions and the related images to create a pair of elegant chandelier style earrings using the Pantone Colour of 2015, Marsala. Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director, Pantone Colour Institute describes Marsala as a colour that "…enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability.” It’s very apparent, that with influence of the Autumn/Winter Runways that this rich colour works well with other colours and will be used in design for years to come. So why not incorporate this on trend colour into your designs to give them a rich feminine look and share your examples with us via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Step One

Cut 2 x approx 8" lengths of beading thread, take one of them and add on 3 x 8mm Marsala coloured beads then with a fourth bead feed the wires through it in opposite directions and pull tight to form a quadrant.

Step Two

On each thread feed on the following beads - 1 x Smokey Quartz, 1 x Marsala coloured Quartzite Bead, 1 x Rose Gold Spacer, 1 x Champagne Pearl, 1 x Rose Gold Spacer, 1 x Champagne Pearl and 1 x Rose Gold spacer

Step Three

Bring both wires together and thread on a Brushed Copper Oval Bead followed by a Marsala Quartzite and then a crimp bead.

Step Four

Thread both wires through the loop at the bottom of a Shepherds Hook and then fold them back down through the crimp bead before securing in place with Crimping Pliers. Trim off and excess wire with Cutters.

Step Five

Use a Crimp Bead Cover to hide the Crimp Bead to finish the earring. Now repeat the whole process using the second piece of beading thread to make the matching earring.

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