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How to create Makes for Men: Leather Wrap Bracelet

Create Fathers Day Jewellery

Learn how to make Fathers Day Jewellery with JewelleryMaker.

Create something special with Father in mind today by following JewelleryMaker’s step-by-step tutorial! Dedicating this week’s tutorial to makes for men, we wanted to give you some inspiration in preparation for Father’s Day! This style of black leather wrap bracelet is super stylish and on trend right now - very rock n roll! Make your pieces unique by using different charms, and repeat the style so your gifted recipient can wear them as stacker bracelets. Don’t forget to share your designs with us via social media, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Step One

Cut 28cm length of leather.


Step Two

Cut a 20cm length of the silver wire, bend the end 2.5cm of leather over to form a loop. neatly wrap the wire around 8 times to bind the ends, and trim. Use flat nose pliers to tuck in any sharp ends.


Step Three

Thread on focal beads, this could be simply 5 silver spacer beads or can be personalised to maybe use pyrite skulls.


Step Four

Repeat step 2. To finish the bracelet attach the S clasp.

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