Skill Level: Beginner


How to create an Elegant Diamond Bracelet

Elegant Diamond french wire bracelet

Step One

Cut a 10" length of monofilament and at one end thread on a crimp bead, 1cm of French wire and a jumpring.

Step Two

Feed the monofilament back though the crimp bead and gently pull it until the French wire bends into a loop trapping the jumpring in place. Using crimping pliers squash the crimp bead to hold it all together and cover with a crimp cover for a neat finish.

Step Three A

Thread on your beads in a pattern that you like until your bracelet is the desired length.

Step Three B

Repeat as per step 2 using another crimp bead, 1cm of French wire and another jumpring, thread the monofilament back through the crimp and secure it with crimping pliers and finish with a crimp bead cover.

Step Four

Open the Jumpring that comes with the clasp and add it to one end of a 1" length of chain.

Step Five

Attach the other end of the chain to one end of the bracelet, using a jumpring.

Step Six

Add the clasp to the end of the second piece of chain.

Step Seven

Then add the chain to the other end of your bracelet using a jumpring and fasten the clasp to complete.

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