Since ancient civilisations, chains have been coveted as a jewellery staple. Whether you’re the wearer or the maker, chains offer a classic style that makes a sartorial statement. Here at Jewellery Maker, we know that jewellery making chains are an essential for every keen jeweller, which is why we offer a wide variety of different chains for you to work with.

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Whether you’re making your own necklaces, anklets or bracelets, chains are versatile pieces that can be decorated with beads, charms and a variety of other embellishments. Our jewellery making chains provide the perfect foundation on which to build your designs and as a style staple, their versatility means that you can tailor them to suit your chosen project. If you are looking for a bold chain to make an undeniable statement, our longer and chunkier chains are perfect for making opulent pieces. Equally, our more delicate chains are ideal for creating subtle yet exquisite pieces of jewellery. Available in different lengths, our jewellery making chains can also be worked to suit whatever style of jewellery you may be making.

In addition to offering different sizes and lengths, our fantastic selection of chains for jewellery making also come in a variety of different precious metals. From glittering gold and silver to vibrant copper and aluminium, our chains are designed to suit your jewellery making project to the very last detail. In addition to precious metals, we also have a number of different chains that feature stunning genuine gemstones for added beauty and colour. Designed to enhance your jewellery even further, these gemstone chains for jewellery making make an intriguing addition to your jewellery supply kit.

Jewellery making is a wonderful hobby that is often a creative outlet for many jewellers. With our inspiring selection of jewellery making chains, a wide variety of designs can be created with confidence, safe in the knowledge that our materials are of the highest standard. Our fantastic selection of patterns, lengths and styles give you the perfect level of choice when stocking up on your craft supplies and could even inspire you to make and create new designs! Learning new skills and techniques is always an exciting part of jewellery making and with our extensive collection of jewellery chains you can be sure to find jewellery making essentials to suit your style and taste.