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How to create a pair of tassle earrings

Create festive statement earrings

Learn how to make a pair of tassle earrings.

This week’s hints and tips tutorial is to make a pair of seed bead tassel earrings. With Christmas jewellery being more essential than ever and seed beaded tassels remaining a very prominent trend for this season, these earrings will have you looking exceptional for any occasion. The contrast of the turquoise against the gold seed beads creates an impactful statement perfect for festive party jewellery. Follow the easy step by step guide and experiment with a variety of colours if you wish to make a unique pair. Don’t forget to share your creations with us via social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Step One

Cut a length of wildfire approx 40cms long and thread onto a needle. Pick up 18 turquoise, 14 gold, 18 turquoise and 3 gold sead beads


Step Two

Centre the beads on the thread. Skipping the 3 gold beads pass the needle through all of the other beads on the thread.


Step Three

Making sure that the 3 gold beads form a point hold the threads at the top of the tassel and loosely tie a overhand knot bringing the ends of the thread through the knot twice.


Step Four

Place the round nose pliers through the loop of the knot and with the point of the pliers grip the threads exiting the beads, pull the ends of the threads pulling the knot down close to the seed beads and pull tight, leave the threads long.


Step Five

Repeat steps 1 to 4 to make up 24 tassels, 12 for each ear ring.


Step Six

Bring all 12 tassels together and level them up. Using the excess threads from each tassel tie a knot as we did with the single tassel in step 4. Take all the excess threads again tie another knot over the first but do not tighten it off at this point.


Step Seven

Take approx 15cms of 0.6mm gold plated wire, using round nose pliers and the widest point of the plier make a loop. Slip the end of the wire into the loose knot so that wire passes through the knot.


Step Eight

Tighten the knot in the wire loop and with the end of the wire make a wrapped loop. Add glue to the knot and leave aside to dry completely before trimming the excess threads and wire.


Step Nine

Add approx a 12cms length of gold seed beads to 0.6mm wire straight from the reel and make a wrapped loop, thread the short end of the loop through a wags wicone a make a full wrap with the wire around the cone tip.


Step Ten

Now push the beads up the wire to rest against the cone and continue to make a beaded cone using the amount of seed beads needed to fill the cone.


Step Eleven

Carefully cut the wrapped loop at the top away from the cone.


Step Twelve

Cut the excess wire away leaving approx 1cm of wire exiting the beads and make a loop with the round nose pliers.


Step Thirteen

Tighten the loop at the point of the cone.


Step Fourteen

Pass the long length of wire from the tassel through the beaded cone, make a wrapped loop on the top holding the tassel and cone in place (you can adjust the beaded cone to fit snug against the tassel by gently twisting it tighter) Add a shepherd hook to complete the earring.

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