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How to create a christmas centrepiece

Create a christmas centrepiece

Learn how to make a christmas centrepiece.

3 days until Christmas! Lay your table in style with this week’s hints and tips tutorial. By following the step by step instructions, you will learn how to make a festive, floral satin centre piece, perfect for a statement decoration this Christmas. The satin flowers contrasted against the seed beaded petals create a perfect textural balance and will impress all guest visiting your home over the festive period. The same tutorial can be followed using a subtler colour palette to provide versatility of usage throughout the year! Wishing you all a merry Christmas! Don’t forget to share any of your creations with us via social media. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Step One

To make the flowers: From the red ribbon cut 8cm, 7cm, 6cm 2 x 5cmm strips. Cut one of the 5cm strips in half.


Step Two

With the scissors make the squares into circles.


Step Three

Using the flame of the candle run the edges of the ribbon circles over the flame to seal the edges and slightly curl up.


Step Four

Put all 5 circles together in size order. Sew them together at the center point, the thread on a gold Miyuki bead and sew into the center point to hide the stitching. For the wreath we made 12 gold and 12 red flowers.


Step Five

To make the leaves. Cut a 15cm length 0f gold wire. Thread on 7cm of the green Miyuki beads


Step Six

Leaving a 2cm tail at one end of the wire bend the beaded wire over to form a leaf shape then wrap the 2cm tail around the longer end wire at the base of the beads. Trim the excess wire.


Step Seven

With round nose pliers make a small loop at the end of the remaining wire.


Step Eight

Change to nylon coated pliers and make a spiral. Make 10 of these.


Step Nine

Cut an 80cm length of red ribbon, cut in half lengthways. Take one strip and using the glue gun glue around the inner circle bonded edge down, trim the excess ribbon. Gently snip the top edge of the ribbon 1cm down at roughly 5cm gaps, then glue the sections down. Do the same with the outer circle and the other ribbon strip. This will neaten the wreath, covering any gaps between the flowers.


Step Ten

Glue the flowers to the top of the wreath alternating the colours. Then glue onto the outer edge. We had 10 flowers on the top and 14 flowers on the outer edge. use the of cuts of the ribbon to fill any gaps that may appear between the flowers on the top of the wreath.


Step Eleven

To finish the wreath, glue the beaded leaves to the edge of each flower, all facing in the same direction.

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