Skill Level: Beginner


How to create wire wrapped earrings

wire wrapped earrings

Step One

Thread on one gemstone to the centre of the wire. Using flat nose pliers bend the wire at the top of the gemstone to 90 degrees. Take the round nose pliers and form a loop and cross the wires at the bottom of the loop.

Step Two

Do the same on the other side of the gemstones.

Step Three

Hold the one loop with the round nose pliers and using your other hand wrap the wire around the loop at the top of the gemstone, making sure the wrap is neat and the wire does not overlap. Wrap around a couple of times to form a coil effect.

Step Four

Trim off excess wire with side cutters, but leave approx 1 inch to form a swirl against the side of the gemstone using the round nose pliers. Push the swirl against the gemstone with your fingers.

Step Five

Repeat step 4 by wrapping around the other loop a couple of times and then trim off the excess wire. You can now add on an earring hook to one of the loops. Make the second earring exactly the same.

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