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How to create a vintage feather headband

Learn how to make a vintage feather headband with JewelleryMaker.

You may see the top fashion designers incorporating vintage style into their runway designs for fashion week and this is also a popular style for bridal inspiration. Why not follow these step-by-step instructions to create this vintage style feather hairband. This hairband would add the perfect finishing touch to a Great Gatsby look or you could make them for a group of bridesmaids. To give this look a JewelleryMaker feel, we’ve included beautiful gemstones, Freshwater Pearl Rice Beads, Sky Blue Apatite and a Rose Quartz Cabochon. We would love to see what you do to make this hairband unique to your style, don’t forget to share your photos with us via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Step One

Cut approx 1m of wildfire thread and add on enough Sky Blue Apatite 3mm rounds to completely frame your Rose Quartz cabochon, then tie two double knots and trim off the short end of the thread with scissors.

Step Two

Using hypo cement glue the Rose Quartz cabochon to the base of the natural feather component and allow to completely dry.

Step Three

Add a size 10 beading needle to the long thread and keeping close to the cabochon, push it through the feathers and backing fabric. Then bring the needle up between the cabochon and the Apatite rounds.

Step Four

Stitch over the line of beads, back down through the feathers and the backing fabric again making sure that your stitches are hidden between the beads. Repeat this all the way around until all of the Apatite beads are secure.

Step Five

Bring your needle up on the outer edge of the Apatite beads and feed on two rice pearls. Push the needle down through the feathers and backing fabric again, bringing it back up between the two pearls.

Step Six

Feed the needle through the second rice pearl again.

Step Seven

Repeat steps five and six, adding on two more rice pearls.

Step Eight

Continue doing this 'two bead backstitch' until the cabochon is completely surrounded - being sure to keep the pearls as close to the Apatite layer as possible.

Step Nine

As per the photograph, randomly stitch on a few more pearls to add a bit more glitz.

Step Ten

When you're happy with your design stitch the feather component to a satin covered headband - being careful to conceal your stitches underneath the feathers.

Create a vintage feather headband
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