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How to create a Renaissance Cross

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Learn how to make a Renaissance Cross Pendant with JewelleryMaker.

Create an eye-catching piece inspired by history by following these steps from The Renaissance era was known as a rebirth as it came after the period in European civilization immediately following the Middle Ages. The fashion was outstanding and elegant so why not recreate something from that time today. Adorned with gemstones and Pearls, creating this beautiful piece of wirework is the perfect tutorial to take on of you want to challenge your skill set. Please share your final designs with us via social media, you can find us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


Step One

Work harden and straighten all of the wires and cut 5 twisted 15cm lengths and 4 bronze 15cm lengths, leaving the central twisted rose wire straight. Bend all the other wires to a right angle slightly off centre and arrange as in the picture to form the cross.


Step Two

Holding the wires firmly together with the flat nose pliers or your fingers use 0.4mm wire and wrap around all the wires of the branches north, south, east and west of the cross where they meet at the centre, wrap 4 times around the wires keeping them flat and side by side.


Step Three

Wrap at two points on the north, east and west branches and at three points on the south branch as in the picture.


Step Four

Trim all 0.4mm wrapping wires on the back of the cross and flatten with the flat nose pliers.


Step Five

Trim the bronze wires on the east and west branches to approx 3cms and the rose wires to approx 3½ cms.


Step Six

With round nose pliers loop the ends of the east and west to form a scroll.


Step Seven

On the south branch, leaving the centre twisted wire long, trim the two outer wires as in step five and scroll as in step six.


Step Eight

Continue on the south wire left long and using the wide point of the pliers bend into a diamond shape.


Step Nine

On the north branch, hold with the flat nose pliers and bend all the wires forward slightly. Hold in the bail nose pliers and push all the wires over and around the pliers.


Step Ten

With flat nose pliers bend the outer bronze wires to a right angle and trim the centre wire just below the bail.


Step Eleven

Using the two outer bronze wires wrap all the around the bail and secure it around the cross.


Step Twelve

Bend the two centre wires to a right angle and trim to approx 1½ cms, with the round nose pliers make a loop on each side.


Step Thirteen

With 0.25mm wire add gems of your choice to the loops on the scrolls secure with a couple of wraps. Add a pearl to a headpin and secure to the centre of the cross.

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