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How to create a gizmo coiled butterfly necklace

gizmo coiled butterfly necklace

Step One

Make two 7cm and two 5cm lengths of 0.8mm wire coil made on the small 1.6mm diameter Gizmo mandrel.

Step Two

To make the butterfly wings. Take an 80cm length of 1mm diameter wire (which I will term the ‘core’ wire), thread on one 7cm length of Gizmo coil from step 1 so it sits near the middle of the core wire length and make a simple closed loop with one wrap of one end of the core wire around itself to secure the coil in place within the loop.

Step Three

Then thread on a 5cm coil and make another closed loop for the coil to sit below the larger loop.

Step Four

Then on the other end of the core wire, thread on another 7cm length of Gizmo coil, leaving a 5mm gap of core wire between the edge of the first large top loop and make a third closed loop.

Step Five

Next thread the last 5 cm length of Gizmo coil onto the same end you are working with and make the fourth closed loop. Wrap the end of the wire once around the gap you left between the two large loops so that the ends of the core wire finish up in the space between the large and small coil loops you have made point-ing to the front of the formation. You should have a basic butterfly wing shape made from Gizmo coils with larger wings at the top and slightly smaller wings at the bottom. Widen the wing loops by gently inserting flat nosed pliers into loops and gently opening them to widen. Then flatten and shape the ends of the wings with your fingers to achieve a more realistic butterfly shape.

Step Six

(6a)To make the body, take a 30cm length of 0.8-1mm diameter wire (depending upon what will fit through your gemstones). Make a little 6mm diameter spiral at one end of the wire and make a little angle in the wire at the edge of the spiral to make it look like a question mark with the long straight end of the wire pointing upwards from the centre line of the spiral. Thread on the tear-drop gem-stone (abdomen) with the pointed end to-wards the spiral and then two 8mm round gemstones (head and body). (6b)Make a little wrapped loop at this end, leaving an 10cm length of wire at the end of the loop for later use in step 11

Step Seven

Place the body sec-tion over the wings so that the junction between the head and thorax bead lies at the same level as the wires sit-ting between top and bottom wings. Pass each end of the wires from the wing section over this junction between the head and thorax beads, so that the wing wire ends cross over each other at the front, passing to the opposite side of the body. Then pull each wire down firmly (but not so firmly that you distort the body) downward in the gap be-tween top and bottom wing and cross the wires over at the back of the body in a tailwards direc-tion. Then pass the wires up either side of the junction between abdomen and thorax bead. 8a shows view from the front at this stage and 8b shows the view from the back.

Step Eight

Cross these wires over at the front of the space between abdomen and thorax beads and pass them to the opposite side of the body. Pull wires towards the back firmly and then pass them headwards, crossing the wires over as you do so that they lie either side of the top of the head. Again step 9a show the view from the front and 9b shows what it should look like from the back.

Step Nine

Now wrap the wire you had left over at the top of the head from the closed loop from step 3 tightly around the closed loop to trap the wires from step 4 in at the back of the head and if you want, wrap in a couple of 4mm silver round beads to act as little eyes at this stage. TIP: You need to hold the eye beads in place with your fingers and wrap the head wire once just below the two little eyes

Step Ten

Then you should have a wire end travel-ling frontwards from one side of the front of the head and then (because the body still has some rotation that could mean the eyes end up at the back of the body!) wrap the head wire down across the head bead to pass front to back through the gap between the upper and lower wings, (10a) pass this wire across the back at the same level of the body between thorax and abdomen and then pass the wire towards the front at the gap between the two wings at the opposite side and then pass the wire upwards towards the opposite side of the eyes. (10b) Wrap once below the eyes again and curl the end of this wire at the back of the head to form a little tongue.

Step Eleven

(11a) Make sure you have the two wires from step 9 (from the original wing section) stuck out at either side of the top of the head. (11b)Trim the two wires stick-ing out at the top of the head to a 6cm length and form little curls at the ends, (11c) then spiral the wire down to form swirls for the antennae.

Step Twelve

Take two lengths of 1mm diameter wire, 10cm in length. Take the first one and wrap over the front of the body in the space between head and thorax bead and bring both ends of the wire up frontwards close to the body. Trim the wire ends to a 6cm length and spiral down and press down over the top wings to add detail. Repeat this with the other 10cm wire length but instead press the finished spirals down over the bottom wings to add detail there. Your little butterfly is finished and can be used to make components for brooches, necklaces and tiaras.

Step Thirteen

For the necklace sides use three variations of alternating link designs: FIRST LINK component DESIGN: Make two 0.6mm wire coils, 14cm in length on the small Gizmo mandrel. Take them off the mandrel and snip into four 0.6mm wire coils 6.5-7cm in length. Take some 1mm ‘core’ wire (working from the reel uncut) with the 7cm length coils threaded onto it and attach the core wire to the mandrel handle. Re-insert the mandrel into the bracket, wind the core wire a few times to create one or two bare wire coils. Then press the outer coil tightly up to the mandrel and then wind the Giz-mo handle, winding the core wire and its coil ‘sheath’ around the mandrel to produce lovely spirals of coiled coils (13a). Make sure you have a few turns of core wire at either side of the coiled coil. Then repeat for another 7cm coil length. (13b) If you have space on the mandrel, you may be able to make a third. I find you can make 3-4 components at the same time on the Gizmo mandrel with a few extra winds of the core wire between each coiled coil to allow for you to cut in between them and have one or two core wire coils at each end. If you cannot fit them all on at once, take off the ones you have made and make the remaining spiral components in the same way.

Step Fourteen

(14a) Take off the mandrel and cut into individual components at a mid point between the bare wire coils of the core wire.

(14b)Thread each coiled coil onto 1mm wire, with an 8mm round gemstone bead either side of the coil and finish at either end with closed loops. TIP: Remember to add in your other finished linkage components before you close each wrapped loop and remember to include the clasp!

Step Fifteen

SECOND LINK component DESIGN: Take one 0.6mm wire coil 10cm in length made on the small 1.6mm Gizmo mandrel and make ex-actly the same sort of coiled coil as in the first link component design. Take this coiled coil off the mandrel and pull the central coils apart with your fingers and widen them out so that you have made a nice space to enclose a central bead with-in these widened coils. Thread the end of this component you have made onto a 15cm length of 1mm wire, then thread on the bead and then the other end of the coiled component and adjust the coils around the bead with your fingers to encase it nicely, pushing and twisting the side coils of the component close up to each side of the bead. This component should sit midway along the 50cm length of wire. Finish at either end with closed loops.

Step Sixteen

THIRD LINK component DESIGN: Use 15cm lengths of 1mm wire made into S shaped spiral to encase and cage the beads and thread these onto 1mm wire with wrapped loops at either end to make this component. Take a 15cm length of1mm wire and make a spiral at each end so that you end up with an ‘S’ shape. Bend one face of the spiral slightly towards the other spiral so you make a partial-ly folded spiral shape. Shape each spiral into a shallow cone shape using round nosed pli-ers pushing into the centre of the spiral.

Step Seventeen

Thread one side of the spiral through the central hole onto the very end of the wire and then thread a 12mm gemstone on to the tip of the wire. Fold the other end of the S shaped spiral around the bead and thread the wire through the other spiral to en-case the bead. Adjust the spirals around the bead with your fingers so that they are spread evenly.

Step Eighteen

Add in a clasp You can use a pre-made clasp or make your own. I show how to do this in the Gizmo Basics DVD. To make a Gizmo clasp. Make up the hook end of the clasp using a 20cm length of 1mm diameter wire with a little spiral at one end to start the hook clasp. Thread on a 35mm length of 0.6mm coil (made on the small Gizmo man-drel) for hook end and then a 12-14mm gem-stone bead and then a 50mm length of 0.6mm coil for wrapped loop end. Make a wrapped loop with the smaller 40mm length of coil, wrap the 1mm wire down over the bead and a couple of times around the hook side of the bead and then back over to the loop side and wrap up the loop a little, cut the wire end, make a little curl and tuck in to add detail. Then shape the hook side of the clasp with your fingers into a shep-herd’s hook shape. Make up the loop end of the clasp using a 20-25cm length of 1mm core wire. Thread on a 50mm length of 0.6mm coil (made on the small Gizmo mandrel) Make a wrapped loop with this coil section near the mid point of the wire. Thread on a 12-14mm gemstone bead and an-other 50mm length of 0.6mm coil and make an-other wrapped loop. You can pass the wire to opposite sides of the stone to add detail and wrap up the loop a little with the wire and then cut the wire end, make a little curl and tuck in to add detail. Use pliers gently opened up inside the loop to open up the loops and shape them.

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