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How to create an Avant Garde Bib Style Collar Necklace

Learn how to make an Avant Garde Bib Style Collar Necklace with JewelleryMaker.

Avant Garde fashion jewellery should not be created to fit the accepted norm. It is about being cutting-edge, innovative and extravagant with your creativity. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and follow these step-by-step instructions to create this extravagant Collar Necklace today. By using different textures and incorporating different mediums you could create this show-stopping design. To make the piece unique to you, why not change the colours. This piece would look amazing with a LBD and would add some personality to any casual day look. Don’t forget to share your examples with us via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Step One

Using a length of approx 40cm Zari thread find the centre and using a piece of beading thread as a needle, thread through a 8/0 seed bead, a 12 mm bead, a 8/0 seed bead, the first link of the silver aluminum chain, a 12mm bead, the first link of the 5mm box chain, a 6/0 seed bead and pull the Zari thread through all the beads and chains until you have a loop which you can thread the climbing rope through. Pull everything up toward the climbing rope and tie a overhand knot under the seed bead to secure everything in place.

Step Two

Repeat step 1 through every other link of aluminum chain and every 3rd downward facing link of the 5mm box chain, until you have 14 sections of beaded Zari thread as in step 1 ending by attaching the loop around the climbing rope.

Step Three

Cut three lengths of 40cm Zari thread and holding them together find the centre point by folding them in half, attach to the links of the 5mm box chain on each side of the beaded sections by using a larks head knot. Repeat attaching three lengths of Zari thread to each side of the 14 beaded sections.

Step Four

Take 5 feathers, a large one for the middle of the necklace and graduating pairs for each side and add a ribbon end to the each feather using flat nose pliers to fold down each side of the ribbon end. Trim off any excess feather sticking out the top of the ribbon end.

Step Five

Cut the 3mm box chain into the following lengths - 1 x 13.5cms, 2 x 12cms, 2 x 11.5cms, 2 x 11cms, 2 x 9cms, 2 x 7cms, open 11 jump rings and add a length of chain to each one and a feather to every other one in the graduating sizes as shown in the picture.

Step Six

Add the lengths of chain and feathers. Starting with the 13 ½cm length, attach to the 5mm box chain at the centre point of the necklace with the jump ring, close the jump ring securely.

Step Seven

Working from the centre outwards add the rest of the lengths of chain and feathers to each side of the necklace keeping them graduated as in step 5. There should be a spare 5mm box chain link in between the added Zari thread larks head knots, this is the link to add the jump rings to.

Step Eight

Using a flame carefully melt the ends of the climbing rope to stop any fraying.

Step Nine

Using hypo cement, glue your bell caps to each end of the climbing rope and leave to dry for 24hrs.

Step Ten

Add each side of the toggle clasp with 7mm jump rings.

Step Eleven

Place the necklace onto a display bust or flat on a table and trim the Zari thread lengths into a graduating shape.

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