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How to create an Autumn/Winter bride hair comb

Autumn/Winter Bride

Step One

Cut approx 6" of 0.4mm wire, thread on a carved leaf into the centre and bend one half of the wire down behind the leaf. Pinch the wires together and twist the leaf until it is securely held by the wire. Repeat this with all 20 leaves.

Step Two

Using 6" of 0.25mm wire and a Tanzanite chip, repeat step 1 until you have 10 individual Tanzanite components.

Step Three A

Using 6" of 0.4mm wire, add on a Rice Pearl and in the same manner as before secure it in the centre but only with a couple of twists.

Step Three B

Still working on the same component add a second Rice Pearl and secure it with a couple of twists so that it sits next to the first one.

Step Four

Add a third Rice Pearl and repeat step 3B until you have a cluster of 3. Make another cluster of 3 on a separate wire.

Step Five

Using approx 10" 0.25mm wire thread on your gemstones so you have 5 large Pearls with a Tanzanite chip in between each one, then feed the wire back through the first Pearl again to make a loop.

Step Six

Add on another large Pearl and cross the wire over the top of the loop, then feed it through one of the pearls on the opposite side. Bring both wires together again at the back of the flower and twist to secure.

Step Seven

Make two more flowers using the same technique as Steps 5 and 6, but with the medium sized pearls and only use the large pearls for the centre of each flower.

Step Eight

Now you have all the components ready you can add each one to the comb by wrapping the end of the wire onto the top edge of the comb. Either wrap the excess wire around to hide it or trim it off.

Step Nine

Arrange the elements into a desirable composition by continuing to twist each one and bend them into position, flatten down any sharp edges to complete your comb.

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