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How to create a daisy cuff

wirework daisy cuff

These easy to follow step-by-step instructions will lead you to create a beautiful wirework cuff with daisy details. This advanced level tutorial is perfect if you’re hoping to challenge your wirework technique. Another great way to learn is by tuning into watch our wire work specialist Guest Designers like; Rachel Norris, Laura Binding and Claire Macdonald. You can watch daily on our Live TV channel on; Sky channel 674, Virgin channel 756, Freesat channel 807, freeview 23 (8am-12pm) or online via our website or Youtube channel. We can’t wait to see your version of this intricate wirework cuff. Don’t forget to share your examples with us via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Step One

Start by creating the frame for the cuff. Cut the wire to the length of your bracelet and condition the 1.25mm length of wire. From the middle point measure 7.5cm towards each end and bend the wire to form a “U” shape, the ends should be now meet again in the middle point. The parallel strands of wire is the cuff width, make this approx. 2cm. Gently hammer all the frame.

Step Two

Hold the 1.25mm wire ends together and twist the top one anticlockwise and the one underneath clockwise, you will be left with the two strands twisted together. With your fingers make curves in the tails of wire left to form organic looking petals, spiral the very ends of the wire and gently hammer the petals.

Step Three

Wire wrap your frame. Start from each end and basket weave with 0.6mm wire, separate each weave with three wire coils. Weave until you reach the flower shape, at this point secure the wire flower to the main frame by finishing your weaving with wire winding round both shapes where the frame part overlaps.

Step Four

Make four small flowers with five white gems petals and with a black gem at the centre; use the twisting technique with the 0.4mm wire and leave some wire on the ends to attach to your cuff.

Step Five

Use the tails of the 0.4mm wire from your flowers to anchor them at the centre of your frame on top of the flower looking shape.

Step Six

Hold the piece in your hands and with your thumbs gently bend the ends downwards to form your cuff, when you are happy with the shape, use the coated pliers to curl the very ends of the cuff to give a better grip to your design.

daisy cuff tutorial step 1
daisy cuff tutorial step 2
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daisy cuff tutorial step 4
daisy cuff tutorial step 5
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