Skill Level: Intermediate


How to make jump ring flower earrings

jump ring flower earrings

Step One

Take one of the 7x1mm jump rings and attach on 10 closed 6x1mm jump rings and then close the jump ring using flat nose pliers. It is a good idea to use another pair of flat nose pliers to do this. You now have a flower with one layer of jump rings.

Step Two

Now make a second layer by taking an open 6x1mm jump ring and linking through two jump rings together, then close. Take another open jump ring and link through the previous jump ring linked and the jump ring next to it as shown in the picture. Continue doing this until all jump rings have been linked to create a second layer.

Step Three

Attach a 6x1 open jump ring to two links on the second layer to create a link for the gemstone.

Step Four

Put a 10mm gemstone onto an eye pin, make a wrapped loop using round nose pliers. Trim off any excess wire and push in any rough edges with the flat nose pliers.

Step Five

Put on a ear wire by opening the small loop on the ear wire. Now attach the gemstone to the jump ring flower by opening the jump ring and threading the wrapped loop on, close jump ring on the flower. Now follow the steps again to make the other earring.

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