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How to create a Viking knit netted cabochon

Create a Viking Knit Netted Cabochon

Learn how to make a Viking Knit Netted Cabochon.

Labradorite originates from the island of St Paul in Labrador, Canada! Each stone is so unique, portraying beautiful shades of greys, greens and blues. This gemstone appears to be dull in the dark, however illustrates the most luminous, intense colours when the light hits it. This tutorial will teach you how to make a silver Viking knit, Labradorite cabochon bracelet. The Viking net is a beautiful way to engage the cabochon, adding intricate detailing to a simple statement bracelet. Accompany with some silver chain and a T bar clasp to finish off your jewellery. If you love Labradorite, follow this step by step guide and have a go at creating your own version! Don’t forget to share your version with us via our social media channels! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

Using a length of 1mm wire long enough to go all around your cabochon plus 10cm's extra place the cabochon on a hard flat surface, wrap the wire all the way around the stone crossing the ends over on one side of the stone. Try and make it near to the same size as the stone but take into consideration that it will spring back a little. We will correct this later.


Step Two

Hold the wire frame on the back of the cabochon so that it fits just inside the circumference of the stone. Trim on side of the wire approx 2cms past the centre point and with round nose pliers make a loop so that it sits just inside the back of the stone.


Step Three

Holding the frame on the back of the stone cut the other wire approx 1 cm past the first loop and with round nose pliers make a second loop to sit next to the first.


Step Four

At this point you can make adjustments to bring the frame together so that it fits just inside the diameter at the back of the stone by snipping away a little from the loops and turning the loop again with the round nose pliers .


Step Five

With approx 150cm length of 0.4mm wire pass 10cms of one end through both loops and wrap them together with 5/6 wraps.


Step Six

With the long end of wire make loops all the way around of the outside of the frame. Use round nose pliers and placing them at the same point each time to make the loops equal size and making the first loop within one of the loops of the main frame.


Step Seven

Continue making the loops all the way around the main frame a shown in the picture.


Step Eight

Step up to continue the next row passing the end of the wire under where two loops on the previous row cross. Continue all the way around to complete the row.


Step Nine

Bring the stone up to the work and holding it in place, the frame just fit just inside the back of stone. Push the first two rows over the edge of the stone ready to continue with the next row.


Step Ten

Continue the Viking knit netting pushing the rows against the cab as you go capturing the stone. To finish work the end of the wire back down a row of the loops back down towards the frame and trim the end close to to the previous loops in the row making sure there are no sharp edges.


Step Eleven

Cut 6 lengths of chain approx 6/7cms or the length you need so that the bracelet will fit tightly (taking adding a clasp into consideration) to the wrist so the stone stays in place at the front. Add a jump ring to each end of the chains and add to the main frame, you may need to lift the wire slightly with an awe or board pin to get the jump rings through.


Step Twelve

Use a jump ring catching all three chains to add the clasp each side to complete the bracelet.

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