Skill Level: Intermediate


How to embellish beady beads

You Will Need:

embellish beady bead

Step One

Thread your monofilament through one of the beads on your beady bead.

Step Two

Add six seed beads to each side of your monofilament and cross it over in the next centre bead and pull.

Step Three

Repeat Step 3 until you meet your first threaded on seed beads.

Step Four

Cross the monofilament in the last bead and thread ends through the beady bead until they meet. Tie them off with a surgeons knot and trim excess.

Step Five

Thread one bead on the eye pin and pass through the centre of the beady bead. Add the other side of the eye pin, make a loop.

Step Six

Your beady bead is now ready for using in your project.

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