Skill Level: Intermediate


How to create a wire wrapped cabochon

wire wrapped cabochon

Step One

Working from the reel of 0.8mm or 1.0mm wire make your first loop with the round nose pliers.

Step Two

Reposition the pliers to make a second loop creating a S shape.

Step Three

Continue in this way making one continuous length of S shapes long enough to wrap around your cabochon.

Step Four

Using two pairs of flat nose pliers bend the loops to a right angle to each other all the way along.

Step Five

Now wrap the length all the way around the cabochon, following the S shape pattern and where it joins trim off the excess. Join the ends together where they meet with the 0.25mm or 0.4 mm wire.

Step Six

Trim the excess joining wire. Now you have a wire wrapped cabochon to use in your designs.

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