Skill Level: Intermediate


How to create wire fringe collar

wire fringe collar

Step One

Cut approx 1m of 0.25 mm Gold wire and wrap one end around the collar several times (about 1 inch away from the clasp). Fold the gold braid in half lengthways and wrap the wire around it so that it sandwiches the collar inside.

Step Two

Lace up to edges of the flat braid using the 0.25mm wire until the whole collar is encased. Trim the braid leaving 1 inch gap between it and the clasp, then wrap the excess wire around the end to secure it in place.

Step Three

Cut about 10 inches of 0.25 mm wire, fold it in half and feed it through the braid ensuring one half is in front of the now hidden collar and one half is behind it. Then twist both wires together a few times at the bottom.

Step Four

On one wire thread on a couple of randomly selected gemstones or pearls, leave about 2 inches of wire then bend it back on itself. Pinch both halves of the wire together with one hand, and twist the gemstones with the other hand until the wire is completely twisted securing the gemstones in place.

Step Five

Bend the excess wire back down again and create a shorter 'prong' in exactly the same way. This bulks out the fringe by adding an extra layer of gemstones.

Step Six

Build up your necklace by repeating steps 3, 4 & 5 as many times as you like until you have the desired effect. Note you can make some of the last 'prongs' that you add a bit longer to enhance the fringe effect.

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