Skill Level: Intermediate


How to create stacker rings

stacker rings

Ring one

Step One

Cut approx 30" of 1mm wire and holding the mandrel in the centre of the wire at the correct point for your chosen ring size, wrap the wire around twice then bring both wires up to the same point.

Step Two

Keeping the wire on the mandrel, place your thumb over the middle of all the wires and bend each one around into a tight spiral.

Step Three

Thread on a 6mm round gemstone and wrap the wire around it three or four times forming a collar, then trim off any excess wire and tuck in any sharp edges

Step Four

Repeat Step 3 on the other wire to complete the first ring.

Ring Two

Step Five

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 from the previous ring so you have a ring base with a spiral at the top and two long wires protruding.

Step Six

Trim off one of the wires and tuck in the sharp edge.

Step Seven

Using Round Nose Pliers make a 'wiggle' with one of the wires by bending the wire around the tip of the plier jaws.

Step Eight

Thread on the 4mm round gemstone and wrap the tail of the wire around it a few times and trim off any excess to complete the second ring.

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