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How to create a sapphire and seed bead bracelet

Learn how to make a sapphire and seed bead bracelet with JewelleryMaker.

Create a beautiful bracelet using genuine Sapphire gemstones and Seed Beads with silver detailing. Known as the birthstone of September Sapphire is surrounded by many myths and legends. In the middle ages it was thought to be a remedy against poisons. You can make this by following our simple instructions and gift to a September born friend or add it to your growing jewellery collection. Why not make this specific to your birthstone to make the design personal to you. We would love to see your version, don’t forget to share with us via social media. Tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook once your bracelet is complete!.

Step One

Cut approx 1m of Wildfire thread, add a stopper bead to one end and the needle to the other end. Add 6 silver spacer beads then pass the needle through them all again to form a loop.

Step Two

Feed on the silver Superduos and Sapphire Rondelles in an alternating pattern until you have your desired bracelet length. Make sure your design has an odd number of Superduos and both starts and finishes with one.

Step Three

Feed on 6 silver spacer beads and pass the needle through them all again to form a loop, then feed the needle through the second hole in the nearest Superduo on the bracelet and pull tight.

Step Four

Working back along the bracelet arrange your Superduos so that every other one points away from you. Make sure the Superduos on each end both point down. Thread on a silver spacer, a sapphire and another silver spacer, then feed the needle through the second hole of the next available downward facing Superduo.

Step Five

Continue working along the bottom row of Superduos adding a spacer, a sapphire and another spacer between each one. Repeat this along the whole length of the bracelet then once you have passed the needle through the final Superduo you can tie both threads together in two double knots and trim away the excess and stopped bead.

Step Six

Open one of the Jumprings and hook it through the small loop of the boltring clasp and also through the loop of silver spacer beads at one end of the bracelet, then close it again.

Step Seven

Add another jumpring to the opposite end to complete the piece.

Create a sapphire and seed bead bracelet
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