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How to create a Pearl & Emerald necklace

Learn how to make a Pearl & Emerald necklace with JewelleryMaker.

The combination of Emerald and Pearl is so elegant and regal, this piece would make the perfect addition to an outfit for festive events you might attend this winter. Follow these simple instructions and use the pictures as a guide to create this beautiful necklace. Pearls are believed to have been traded more than 5000 years ago and Emerald was mined over 4000 years ago in Egypt. Both of these beautiful gems have been named throughout history and held at high regard. Why not try and create something similar with Don’t forget to share your designs with us via social media. Tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook once your necklace is ready.

Step One

Cut approx 1.5m of Fireline or Wildfire thread, feed on 1cm French Wire and a jumpring and let them fall to the middle. Put both ends of the thread through a Crimp bead and push it against the French wire to form a loop. Secure the Crimp with Crimping Pliers and hide with a Crimp Cover.

Step Two

Add a 4mm Pearl to each thread, then using a 6mm Pearl pass the threads through it in opposite directions and pull tight. This is known as Ladder Weave.

Step Three

Continue adding Pearls and Ladder weaving until you have a section of approx 12 inches. Make sure you end up with an odd number of 6mm Pearls in your design.

Step Four

Finish the other end using a Crimp bead, 1cm French wire, a jumpring and a Crimp cover as you did in Step 1. Tie off with a double knot and trim away any excess threads.

Step Five

Take a Featherweight headpin, add on 1 x 6mm Pearl, 1 x Emerald rondelle, 1 x Swarovski rondelle, 1 x Emerald rondelle and 1 x Stardust spacer, then using Round Nose Pliers make a wrapped loop. Repeat this four more times to give you five drops in total.

Step Six

Cut approx 1m Fireline or Wildfire thread, add on 2 x 6mm Pearls, 1 x drop, 2 x 6mm Pearls and allow them to fall to the centre. Take another 6mm Pearl and cross your threads through it in opposite direction, pull tight to form a flower shape.

Step Seven

(7a) Locate the central 6mm Pearl in your Ladder weave and position the flower shape directly below it. (You may want to add a needle to the thread at this stage) Working in a circular motion pass one thread through the 4mm Pearl on the left (next to the top of the flower)

(7b) then up through the 6mm Pearl above it,

(7c) next go through the 4mm Pearl above and to the right,

(7d) and back down through the central 6mm Pearl again.

Step Eight

(8a) Pass the thread (from right to left) through the top 6mm Pearl of the flower shape,

(8b) and go through the next available 6mm Pearl.

(8c) Your thread should be exiting from the bottom of the second 6mm Pearl in the flower shape.

Step Nine

Using the other thread repeat Steps 7 & 8 but in the reverse direction mirroring what you just did.

Step Ten

(10a) On one thread feed on 3 x Emeralds, 1 x Stardust Spacer bead, 3 x Emeralds, 4 x 6mm Pearls, 1 x drop and 1 x 6mm Pearl. Pass the needle through the first and second Pearls in the sequence and

(10b) pull tight to form a swag and a new flower with a central drop.

Step Eleven

Position the flower so that the top 6mm Pearl sits snugly against the third 4mm Pearl along in your Ladder weave pattern. Then as you did in step 7, feed the needle up through the Ladder weave in a circular motion and back down through the top 6mm Pearl in the flower, exiting from the second 6mm Pearl in the new flower.

Step Twelve

Repeat steps 10 & 11 until you have five flowers in total (Two on either side of the central one).

Step Thirteen

Make another Emerald swag and add 4 x 6mm Pearls, pass the needle through the first pearl and pull tight, then feed the needle up through the next 4mm Pearl in the Ladder weave. Add another 4mm Pearl and go through the next available 4mm Pearl.

Step Fourteen

Repeat step 13 on the other side, then tie off both of the threads securely with double knots and trim off any excess. Add a chain to each of the jumprings, followed by a clasp and a final jumpring at the end of the chains to complete the necklace.

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