Skill Level: Intermediate


How to create a Macramé Friendship Bracelet

Create a simple macrame bracelet

Learn how to make a Simple Macramé Bracelet .

Create this simple Macramé style bracelet by following our easy to follow step-by-step instructions. We love creating Macramé jewellery here at JewelleryMaker and these bracelets would make the perfect gift for a group of friends and they would make the perfect addition to any craft stall. Make this design unique to any occasion by incorporating different colours into the weave or keep it simple with bold or bright colours! We can’t wait to see your version, don’t forget to share with us via our social media channels, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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Step One

Line all of the threads up together and measure 13cms, tie an overhand knot and pin the knot with a T-pin to the macramé board.


Step Two

Working with the 2 outside cords take the left cord and place it over the 3 centre cords forming a 'd' shape, with the right cord over the left, pass it under all the centre cords where they cross and back up through the 'd' loop and pull tight.


Step Three

Take the cord on the right side and pass it over the three centre cords making a 'b' shape, with the left cord over the right pass it under the centre cords where they cross and back up through the 'b' loop and pull tight.


Step Four

Repeat steps two and three making 2 full square knots, pin the knots to the macramé board and pin the outer left cord to the side, hold the next cord across the three remaining cords.


Step Five

Hold this cord across the three remaining cords and with the next cord take it over and back up through the loop and tighten and over and back up through the loop again and tighten.


Step Six

Still holding the same cord across the next two cords repeat this action (as in step five). Now pin the right outer cord to the side.


Step Seven

Bringing the left cord down and holding it across the next 3 cords, work the 3 cords as in step five and pin the right outer cord left cord to the side. Repeat steps five through seven until you have approx 14cms pinning the work to the board as you go to hold it in place, end on the first row as in step 5.


Step Eight

Using the 2 outer cords repeat steps two and three making 1 full square knots across the 3 centre cords.


Step Nine

Cut away 2 cords from the 3 centre cords and glue to secure (a flame from a lighter can be used with care to melt the cut cord ends for a fast result) Make another square knot with the 3 remaining cords.


Step Ten

Cut away the two outer cords from the square knot and glue or melt the ends as in step 9


Step Eleven

Unpin the bracelet from the board, undo the knot and pin the bracelet back to the board. Undo the first square knot and repeat steps 9 and 10.


Step Twelve

Wrap the bracelet around the corner of the board crossing the two ends over and with the 50cm length of cord place under the crossed over ends and make approx 2cms of square knotting as in steps 2 and 3 making a sliding knot.


Step Thirteen

Trim away the excess cord and carefully glue or melt the cut ends. Leave a length of cord of approx 7cms at each side, tie a knot and glue or melt to secure.

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