Skill Level: Intermediate


How to create a Leather Cuff

Leather Cuff

Step One

Wrap one end of the 0.6mm wire onto the edge of the Cuff Bangle frame three times, then stretch it diagonally across to the opposite edge and wrap three times to secure it. Continue alternating sides until the whole bangle has a zigzag pattern across it. Trim off and tuck in any sharp edges.

Step Two

Glue a central strip as wide as the bangle lengthways along the inside of the 10" x 4" Red Leather. Position the bangle in the centre and wrap the leather around and over both ends closely following the contour of the cuff on both sides.

Step Three

Using sharp scissors cut along the folds of leather toward the bangle, then across to remove a small rectangle of leather from each corner.

Step Four

Glue all edges and stick them securely over the edges of the bangle.

Step Five

Glue the back of one of the 10" x 1.5" pieces of gold leather and fold the edges lengthways into the centre to make a braid.

Step Six

Glue the seam side of the braid over the end of one side of the cuff, across the centre and over the other side. Trim off any excess braid.

Step Seven

Glue the back of the 5" x 2" Red Leather and carefully stick it inside the cuff to conceal all the edges, overlaps and any remaining visible wire.

Step Eight

Repeat Step 5 with the other 10" x 1.5" piece of gold leather to make a second braid. Twist the ends in opposite directions and when you're happy with the twist, glue the ends in place on the cuff. You could make a bow if you prefer.

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