Skill Level: Intermediate


How to create a heart friendship bracelet

heart friendship bracelet

(Note before you start: Remember everything is in doubles, every knot is tied twice and you work in sets of two identical rows, two 'normal' rows followed by two 'heart' rows. If you lose your place just count how may rows down you are. Also if you think you have tied a knot the wrong way use a darning needle to wiggle the knot open again.)

Step One

Add a dab of glue into one of the Ribbon Cord Ends before inserting all 8 cords and closing it using Flat Nose Pliers. Flatten one side down and then flatten the other side down so that it over laps the first securely trapping all of the cords.

Step Two

Fix the Ribbon Cord End to a macrame board, then separate the cords so you have two of each colour on each side. Arrange them so the colours alternate on the left hand side and then mirror image them on the right hand side. The outermost cords will become the colour of the Hearts and the others will become the background.

Step Three

Imagine the cords are numbered 1 to 8 going from left to right. Pick up cord 1 and cross it over the top of cord 2 (Left to Right), then thread it under cord 2 and pull up towards the Ribbon Cord End. Repeat this so you have two knots on top of each other. We'll call this a standard right hand knot.

Step Four

Still using cord 1 make another standard right hand knot over the top of cord 3 (Left to Right) Repeat this so you have two knots on top of each other, then do the same over cord 4.

Step Five

Now switch to the other side and using cord 8 cross it over the top of cord 7 (Right to Left), and then thread it back under cord 7 and pull up towards the Ribbon Cord End. Repeat this so you have two knots on top of each other. We'll call this a 'Standard left hand knot'.

Step Six

Still using cord 8 make standard left hand knots over cords 6 and 5. Dont forget to do two knots on top of each other each time.

Step Seven

Now take the two middle strands (Strands 4 and 5), and make standard left hand knot. This completes the first row.

Step Eight

Repeat steps 3-7 so you have a second complete row.

Step Nine

To make the first 'Heart' row, make a standard left hand knot by taking cord 2 and cross it over the top of cord 1. And on the other side make a standard right hand knot by crossing cord 7 over cord 8.

Step Ten

Complete the row by making standard right hand knots using cord 2 over cords 3 and 4, and standard left hand knots using cord 7 over cords 6 and 5. finish by knotting the two centre cords as before.

Step Eleven

Make a secord 'Heart' row by repeating Steps 9 and 10. You should have 4 complete rows of knots but not yet see the heart pattern. When you add the next two normal rows of knots the heart pattern will start to emerge.

Step Twelve

Continue making the friendship bracelet to your desired length by adding rows in sets of two, alternate between normal and heart rows. When you reach the end feed all of the cords into the other side of the Ribbon Cord End (with a dab of glue if needed). Close it using Flat Nose Pliers before trimming off any excess cord with scissors.

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