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How to create a Fairy Tale Tiara

Create a simple macrame bracelet

Learn how to make a Fairy Tale Tiara.

Tap into your inner Disney Princess and create something straight out of a Fairy Tale. Follow this step-by-step tutorial and you could make this amazing tiara, adorned with Swarovski and Pearls. Pearls are known for their elegance and represent beauty and class and they are believed to have been discovered more than 5000 years ago, making them one of the oldest gemstones around. Using Swarovski elements in your jewellery pieces adds instant sparkle, shine and glamour, perfect for any Princess in the making. Don’t forget to share your final design with us via social media, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

Cut approx 75cm length of 0.4mm wire and add the Swarovski tear drop to the centre. Add three 5mm pearls to each side of the tear drop, hold in place and twist the wires together a couple of times.


Step Two

Position the wires each side of the headband and wrap each wire a couple of times around the band as in the picture.


Step Three

Using both lengths of wire start to build up the focal point of the tiara making sure the crystal gets wrapped a few times to secure it.


Step Four

Add pearls in a mix of size's in a place where they fit comfortably, weaving in and out of the pearls as you go and using both sides of the wire until you are happy with the way it looks and the crystal is in a secure position.


Step Five

Using the same lengths of wire start wrapping the pearls to the tiara band. Use one 11mm pearl from the focal point and work along wrapping around the band a couple of times as you add each pearl.


Step Six

Use eight 7mm and five 5mm pearls wrapping each one to the band as you go. Trim the wire so that it sits on the outside of the band and press down with flat nose pliers to get rid of any sharp ends.


Step Seven

Attach a 90cm length of 0.4mm wire at the centre of the headband by wrapping around a couple of times. Wrap the wire in between the first pearl from the focal point, add a Swarovski bicone and holding it out approx 1cm from the hairband hold the bicone in between your thumb and forefinger and twist the bicone making a tiara twist to meet the headband. Work along every other pearl adding a swarovski bicone until you have added five. Wrap the wire a couple of times in between pearls, trim the end and press down the sharp edge with flat nose pliers as before.


Step Eight

Repeat steps five, six and seven on the other side of the headband to complete the Tiara.

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