Skill Level: Intermediate


How to create a dragonfly scarf brooch

dragonfly scarf brooch

Step One

Start by making the pin. Condition 30cm of 1.25mm gold coloured wire and use the larger part of the bail making pliers to form a spring ring in the middle of the wire, use the natural curve of the wire in doing so.

Step Two

Give strength to the top length of wire by using coated pliers and the coated hammer. Curve the bottom part of your pin and with round nose pliers and form a “U” bend, then curl the end close to the end of the wire as shown in the photo.

Step Three

With the round nose pliers bend backwards the “U” bend that you created and bend the twirl on top of the bend. Take your time to do this nice and neatly.

Step Four

Make your dragonfly by cutting approx. 1mt of 0.4mm gold coloured wire, you will need 4 rounded and 4 oval shaped gems. Thread the rounded gems with the wire and fold the wire in half, with the gems sitting in the middle twist the wire in-between the gemstones.

Step Five

Take the wire one gem down from the top and form the wings by adding the oval shaped gems using the wire twisted technique. Use the rest of the wire to go around the gems a few times to give strength, but leave approx. 3cm of wire tail.

Step Six

Use the wire tails to anchor the dragonfly to the spring ring of your pin, use 30cm of 0.8 gold coloured wire to further secure your dragonfly by looping the wire through both elements.

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