Skill Level: Intermediate


How to create your own beaded necklace

beaded necklace

Step One

Thread 4x 6mm beads onto your beading thread and thread back through itself to make the start of the quadrant/ladder weave.

Step Two

Thread on a larger 10mm bead and then 4x of the 6mm beads. Pass the beading thread back through the first small bead put on after the 10mm bead.

Step Three

Repeat Step 2 another 3 times so it looks like the photo shown.

Step Four

Take another piece of beading thread and thread on 2x 6mm beads followed by 1x 10mm bead and then another 2x 6mm beads, this will form around the middle section of the third quadrant weave. Then pass the ends of the beading thread up through a few of the weaved beads until they make their way to the top row and pass it through the top layer of beads until it meets the other beading thread at both sides.

Step Five

Finish off your necklace with the finishing of your choice. In this photo, the necklace has been finished with pink organza ribbon.

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