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How to create a beaded bauble

Create a beaded Christmas Bauble

Learn how to make a seed bead bauble decoration with JewelleryMaker.

Personalise your Christmas tree baubles this year by creating this special Seed Bead adornment. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions from to get started, and you will end up with an array of different styles and colours for your tree. If this is your first time using Seed Beads then you will be so amazed with your final result that you will want to incorporate them into your jewellery making more regularly. Don’t forget to share your designs with us via social media, we can’t wait to see how you make your designs unique. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


Step One

Using 130cms of C-lon thread and a size 10 beading needle thread on 21 size 8/0 gold seed beads leaving a tail end of approx 12cm's tie a knot to secure. Pass the needle back through three of the gold beads.


Step Two

Pick up a bugle bead, a red seed bead, a bugle bead, a red seed bead, a bugle bead, a red seed bead,a bugle bead and three size 8/0 Gold seed beads


Step Three

Missing the three gold beads pass the needle back through the last bugle bead and red seed bead.


Step Four

Pick up a bugle bead, a red seed bead and a bugle bead and pass the needle through the first red seed bead and the first bugle bead. Pull the thread to take up the tension so all the beads are sitting in place.


Step Five

Pass the needle through the next three gold seed beads on the circle of gold beads.


Step Six

Repeat steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 all the way around the circle of gold beads until you have seven sections of the pattern so it looks like the points of a star. Thread your needle through the beads in the circle and all the way up through the next beaded pattern section so that it exits out of the last bead on the point of the star do not cut this thread. You can thread the short tail back around and up through the beaded design fasten off and trim away (Repeat steps 1 through 6 making another star shaped element as you will need two to decorate the Christmas bauble).


Step Seven

Now you need to join your two star elements together. With the long thread exiting the point of the star, thread on a size 11/0 Gold seed bead, a Swarovski bicone, a size 11/0 Gold seed bead, from the other star element a size 8/0 gold seed bead from the star point. Pick up a 11/0 Gold seed bead, pass the needle back down through the bicone, pick up another size 11/0 gold seed bead. Pull thread up to take off the tension.


Step Eight

Pass your needle back through the beads just added to join the two elements together a few times to reinforce and make the join stronger.


Step Nine

Repeat steps 7 and 8 joining the two elements together. Join four star points together leaving three so that you can fit in the Christmas bauble. Holding the bauble in place you can now finish off closing the elements together as in steps 7 and 8.


Step Ten

Cut a length of monofilament and thread through the top of the bauble making a loop to hang from your Christmas tree.

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