Skill Level: Intermediate


How to create a chain bracelet

chain bracelet

Step One

Cut 10 pieces of wire to the width that you would like your bracelet to be. Make a wrapped loop on all your lengths of 0.6mm wire making long eye pins.

Step Two

Thread one eye pin through the centre of one length of chain, add a 8mm bead, thread through another length of chain, add a 10mm bead, thread through another length of chain, add a 8mm bead, and thread though the last length of chain.

Step Three

Make a wrapped loop, making sure not to wrap too tightly against the chain to allow for movement, trim and neaten the end.

Step Four

Count five links of chain from the last eye pin so that you have 4 empty links between each eye pin, then with your next eye pin repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have 13 threaded eye pins to make your required length of bracelet.

Step Five

Trim the two outer lengths of chain to 10 links and the two inner lengths to 7 links, add a jump ring through the last links of all four lengths of chain.

Step Six

At this point you can adjust the length by adding a bead on a eyepin finishing with a jump ring and adding a clasp.

chain bracelet tutorial step 1
chain bracelet tutorial step 2
chain bracelet tutorial step 3
chain bracelet tutorial step 4
chain bracelet tutorial step 5
chain bracelet tutorial step 6
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