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How to create a bridal bracelet

bridal bracelet

Step One

Cut two lengths of Monofilament to approx 1m, slightly more ensures you wont run out mid way through the weave. Take both lengths of Monofilament and thread through the bottom loop of one half of your Toggle Clasp, then gather all four ends of your threads and pass them through a crimp bead. Slide the crimp towards the Toggle Clasp and secure with Crimping Pliers so the Clasp is central on the Monofilament.

Step Two

Separate the threads so you have two strands in each hand, now add a Pearl by passing the pairs of threads in opposite directions through the drill hole and pull tight.

Step Three

Separate one strand from each pair and put them out of the way - You might want to tape them to the desk or weigh them down with something.

Step Four

Add a Pearl to each of the remaining strands, then pass both strands through a fourth Pearl again feeding them in opposite directions through the drill hole and pull tight.

Step Five

Repeat Step 4 until you have enough Pearls in your Ladder weave to fit around your wrist. Leave the ends loose or tape them down if you find it easier.

Step Six

Pick up the two strands you set aside at the beginning of the Bracelet. Add on 7 x 3mm Beads to the left hand thread, cross them over the centre of the Bracelet and insert the Monofilament through the right hand side of the next central Pearl down.

Step Seven

Take the right hand thread and add on 3 x 3mm Beads. Now feed it through the middle (4th) 3mm Bead on the other strand.

Step Eight

Add on 3 more 3mm Beads then thread back through the same Pearl but from the left hand side. You should now see an 'X' made of 3mm Beads sitting between the first four Pearls of your Bracelet.

Step Nine

Rrepeat Steps 6, 7 and 8 until you have a criss cross pattern all the way down your Bracelet.

Step Ten

Feed all four strands through a crimp bead and the loop on the other half of your Toggle Clasp, before passing it back through the crimp bead and secure using your Crimping Pliers. Trim off any excess Monofilament with scissors/snips, and finish the design by adding Crimp Bead Covers over both of the Crimp Beads.

bridal bracelet tutorial step 1
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bridal bracelet tutorial step 3
bridal bracelet tutorial step 4
bridal bracelet tutorial step 5
bridal bracelet tutorial step 6
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bridal bracelet tutorial step 8
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