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How to create a winter wedding pearl hair pin

Create a winter wedding hair pin

Learn how to make a winter wedding pearl hair pin.

Take your autumn/winter wedding look to whole new level with this week’s step-by-step tutorial to create a stunning snowflake hair pin. The subtle colour combination of the lustrous, ivory pearls and iridescent Aurora Borealis Swarovski Crystals create an understated, yet beautiful accessory, allowing you to glisten as the light hits you. The neutral, soft hues of the piece make it versatile for any outfit and will transform a variety of hair styles. Have a go at creating your own snowflake pin and don’t forget to share your creations with us via social media. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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Step One

Cut 6 lengths of 0.4mm wire approx 28cms long, find the centre and bend in half.


Step Two

Add a 2mm pearl to the centre of the wire and holding the pearl in between your thumb and forefinger twist the pearl 5 or 6 times allowing the wires to twist together close to the pearl.


Step Three

Add a 4mm Swarovski bicone to one side of the wire and let it drop down to the previous twisted wires, hold the bicone and twist 5 or 6 times twisting the wires together close the bicone.


Step Four

Repeat step 3 adding the 6mm and then the 8mm pearl so you have the four beads added to the wire. Adjust the beads so that any wires showing are at the back of the beads. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 with the other 5 pieces of wire to complete all six arms of the snowflake.


Step Five

Taking 3 arms at a time and holding them parallel with each other twist all of the wires together 4 or 5 times securing them together. Repeat this with the other 3 arms.


Step Six

Take one side of the snowflake and leaving one length of wire long trim 5 wires to approx 1cm and with round nose pliers turn the ends into loops to face the front. Repeat with the other side of the snowflake.


Step Seven

With one of the long ends of wire weave in between beads at the centre joining the 2 sides together, trim the excess wire away and tuck in any sharp ends.


Step Eight

With the other long end of wire add a flat/button pearl letting it drop to the centre of the snowflake and use it to cover all the wires at the centre, secure in place by weaving in between pearls.


Step Nine

Use the length of wire left to wrap around a bun or bobby pin. Trim of excess wire and tuck in any sharp ends.

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