Skill Level: Beginner


How to make use of tassels

Make use of tassels and make a Necklace

Step One

Arrange your Tassels into a fan shape. You could use blocks of the same colour, alternating colours or a complete mix of colours if desired.

Step Two

Attach a Jumpring to the end of your 12" piece of beading thread using a crimp bead and crimping Pliers. Trim off any excess beading thread.

Step Three

Thread on as many Tassels as you like making sure to add a 4mm spacer between each one.

Step Four A

Attach a Jumpring to the other end of the beading thread using a crimp bead and Crimping Pliers.

Step Four B

Attach a 4" piece of chain to the Jumprings at either end of the fan shape.

Step Five

Using two more Jumprings attach a Toggle clasp to the end of the 4" chains.

Step Six

Using sharp scissors trim the Tassels for a neat look, or leave at different lengths if you'd rather an organic style. You could also use Tassels to make earrings, curtain tie backs or even Christmas decorations.

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