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How to create a Day at the Races: Rose Fascinator

Create a Racing Fascinator

Learn how to make a day at the races rose fascinator.

Create something this week that will make a statement at any race day or wedding you attend this season! Fascinators are essential if you want to make a bold statement and complement your outfit this season. By following our simple step-by-step tutorial you could achieve this beautiful piece of headwear yourself. You can make this piece unique to your style by using a different colour satin. But whatever you create to make sure you share it with us via social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

Cut a 2 ½ meter length of ribbon.


Step Two

Fold the corner down and pin


Step Three

leave a 2cm gap then fold the ribbon down.


Step Four

Fold the ribbon across horizontally.


Step Five

Fold up and pin the base.


Step Six

Repeat this for the whole length of ribbon.


Step Seven

Using a needle and thread sew a running stich along the bottom edge.


Step Eight

Take the pins out and carefully gather up to about half length and tie the thread.


Step Nine

Using a candle, run the curved edges of the ribbon over the flame so they start to curl but not burn.


Step Ten

Starting at one end, with the folds facing outwards, roll and glue to form the rose. Try to keep the rose tight and even based.


Step Eleven

Cut a 7cm piece of ribbon, cut around to form a circle. Glue to the base of the rose.


Step Twelve

Position the base onto the head band slightly off set then glue into place.


Step Thirteen

Glue the rose on to the base.


Step Fourteen

Glue 3 feathers together, make 3 of these then glue all 3 together and trim the ends.


Step Fifteen

Glue the feather bundle to the base, under the top petal of the rose. Fold the outer petals down to cover the base neatly.

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