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How to create multi stacker rosery links

Create multi stacker rosery links

Learn how to make a multi stacker rosery links.

Make a gorgeous Sapphire suite with this step by step tutorial. You will learn how to do a basic rosary link which can also be used when making other beautiful jewellery! Multi coloured Sapphire is a perfect gemstone to use as it can accessorise any outfit! This suite is simple yet effective and suitable for everyday wear. Have a go at creating your own and don’t forget to share your final version with us via our social media channels. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

Take a gold-plated sterling silver head pin, grip with flat nose pliers approx 8mm from the end and bend to a right angle


Step Two

Using round nose pliers grip the very tip of the bent piece and roll a loop. Use the pliers at the same point each time so your loops are all uniform (Tip – you can mark the pliers with a maker pen to help use the same point each time)


Step Three

Cut the ball off the headpin and thread on a sapphire round, push the wire against the bead bending to a right angle and trim to approx 8mm and make a loop


Step Four

Repeat steps 1 – 3 with a mixture of sapphires, rounds and rondelles, making sure the loops are parallel with each other. Arrange the sapphires in your design


Step Five

Use flat nose pliers to open the loops and join the sapphire elements together until you have your desired length for a necklace or bracelet adding the bolt ring clasp to one end.


Step Six

Make a larger wrapped loop at the opposite end which the bolt ring clasp will attach to to complete your piece Make bracelet and earrings using the same technique to complete a suite of jewellery .

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