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How to create a masquerade ball mask

Create a masquerade ball mask

Learn how to make a masquerade ball mask.

Do you have a passion for all things theatrical? This week’s Hints and Tips tutorial is inspired by Venetian Masquerade Ball Masks and would make a striking addition to any party outfit, adding glamour to your fancy dress attire! Simply purchase an inexpensive, plain eye mask and follow our step-by-step instructions to embellish it to your heart’s desire, using our extensive range of materials. Here we have used a dramatic combination of long, scarlet-coloured feathers, rich, gold, curled wire and stunning Swarovski Crystals, attached with Hot Fix! Why not create a mask to reflect your personality and share it with us via social media? Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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Step One

Start by making all the components that will be glued onto the mask: To make the nose wire, cut a 30cm length of wire. at the 15cm point place the wire on to the nose of the mask and bend the wire to follow the shape of the mask.


Step Two

With round nose pliers, form a small loop at one of the wire, swap to nylon coated pliers make a spiral of about 4 rounds. Do the same at the other end.


Step Three

For the eye brow, cut a 18cm length of wire, with the largest part of the round nose pliers, grip the wire at the 9cm point and wrap around the prong.


Step Four

With the round nose pliers form a small loop at one end of the wire, then manipulate the wire around to form a loose swirl. Do the same at the other end. make 2 of these. Then take to the mask and bend into shape above each eye.


Step Five

To make the Antennae, cut a 15cm length of wire. At one end make a 4 round spiral as in step2. Leave a 4cm gap then make a 3 round spiral facing the other direction. Make 2 of these


Step Six

Take 4 of the feathers, 2 bending to the left and 2 bending to the right. Trim the ends and using the glue gun, glue them together.


Step Seven

Assembling the mask. using the glue gun, glue the feathers either side of the eye holes. Next glue the spirals of the nose wire under the corners of the eye holes. Then glue on the eyebrows, when the glue has set glue the Antennae on top.


Step Eight

Using the 'Hot fix' tool attach the 'Hot fix' Swarovski crystals to whatever design you want. We added to the eyebrow, eyes and cheek bone.

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