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How to create a Changeable Tassel Necklace / Bag Charm

Create a Changeable Tassel Necklace / Bag Charm

Learn how to make a Changeable Tassel Necklace / Bag Charm

If you love accessories, pendants are a versatile component that can transform anything! For this particular tutorial, you will learn how to make interchangeable pendants that can be used as a necklace, bag charm or key ring. We have used stunning Citirine, Carnelian and Green Onyx drops. These are perfect Autumnal colours to get you ready and on trend for next season. The gold chain and clasps compliment the gemstone colours, providing a striking design that will turn heads.

Feel free to experiment with different gemstones, colours and designs. Don’t forget to share the final version with us via social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Step One

Take one of the .25 wires and tread on the largest Carnelian drop, take it to half way then bend the wires up and twist round.


Step Two

Thread on a gold spacer bead bend the wires above the bead to form a right angle then grab the wires by the bead.


Step Three

Bring the wires up over the pliers then wrap around under the pliers and above the bead to form a wrapped loop. Neatly trim the excess wire. Make 10 more of these in graduating size.


Step Four

Take the 6 link piece of chain, using the round and flat nose pliers open a jump ring and place on the end link of the chain and the largest drop then close


Step Five

Then add the two next largest drops to the link above, one on each side of the link. Carry on up the links until all eleven are added.


Step Six

Take another jump ring and attach the lobster claw clasp to the last link.


Step Seven

Using two more jump rings attach the toggle clasp to either end of the long chain.


Step Eight

Find the center point of the long chain and clip on the tassel

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