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How to create a Bridal Belt

Create a Bridal Belt

Learn how to make a bridal belt.

The Summer wedding season is approaching, and accessories can make or break the big day! Whether you are the blushing bride or a guest wanting to arrive in style, this Summer bridal belt will complete your outfit perfectly. Partner up with a classic, simplistic dress and your favourite jewellery suite for an elegant wedding look, or if you dare, wear this belt with an already heavily embellished outfit to add further detailing! The main components required will be; a strip of lace, a selection of 8.0 and 11.0 seed beads, Swarovski bicones and some plain ribbon! Then, by following these step by step instructions you will have yourself this beautiful belt. Please do share your final designs with us via our social media channels. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

Separate the two matching strips of lace with the large flowers. stiffen with the fabric stiffening spray. once dry sew the pieces onto the center section of the ribbon with the large flowers facing each other. then sew a Swarovski AB butterfly at the center point between the large flowers.


Step Two

Take a threaded needle and push up through the center point of the large flower, thread on 1 x 6mm bicone and 1 x Delica bead. Pass the needle back down through the bicone and fabric to secure. The Delica will act as a stopper bead.


Step Three

Bring the needle back up through the fabric at the base of the bicone, thread on approximately 12 Delica's, wrap around the base of the bicone and pass the needle back through the first Delica then down through the fabric. This will form a collar around the base of the bicone.


Step Four

Bring the needle back up at the base of the nearest center petal, thread on approximately 10 x 8/0 Miyuki beads, lie the beads along the spine of the petal add or take off the beads depending on the length of the petal, then sew down to secure.


Step Five

Bring the needle back up next to the line of Miyuki's 1 bead down, thread on approximately 11 Delica's, lie the beads down alongside the row of Miyuki's then sow down slightly shorter than the line of Miyuki's. Add or take of the Delica's to get the correct look. Repeat this for the other side of the petal, then repeat for all the petals.


Step Six

Using these beading techniques, add embellishments at all points of interest until you are happy with your design.


Step Seven

Hem the ends of the 40cm length of ribbon and clue onto the back of the lace section to neatly hid the sewing.

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