Skill Level: Beginner


How to use top drilled gems of distinction

top drilled gems of distinction

Step One

Start with approximately 20cm of 0.4mm wire and thread through the stone leaving one side longer than the other. Pinch them together at the point of the stone.

Step Two

Take the longer length of wire and wrap around at the point of the stone, all the way around the short length of wire. (Take care at the point of the stone as to avoid damaging it)

Step Three

Hold the wire and twist the stone so that the wire wraps around the top creating a cap.

Step Four

You can trim here if you want to or bend the wire so it points back up towards the top of the stone and wrap around a couple of times to secure.

Step Five

Trim the excess wire and make a wrapped loop with the shorter length of wire.

Step Six

Cut a length of wire approximately 20cms long and thread the stone in the centre of the wire, bend the two sides upwards and hold them taught whilst twisting the stone, creating a twisted wire up the length of wires. Place the round nose pliers on the wire at the point of the stone and create a wrapped loop, hold the loop with your pliers and carry on wrapping the wire around the top of the stone creating a cone. Repeat step four to complete.

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