Skill Level: Beginner


How to create wire weave earrings

wire weave earrings

Step One

Cut two pieces of 0.8mm gold plated wire approx. 15cm in length to make each earring. Take the multi wire mandrel and wrap one of the lengths of wire from the centre around the 3rd size down from the tip of the round end of the mandrel, so the wire ends cross each other.

Step Two

Take the wire off the mandrel and place the crossed wire against the same point on the mandrel and again wrap the crossed wires around the mandrel bringing the ends together to cross again.

Step Three

Repeat step two again to make a third loop. Whilst the wire remains on the mandrel, twist the end wires together, to secure, so the wire ends face in the other direction.

Step Four

Using round nose pliers make a wrapped loop with one of the wire ends, trim off any excesswire. With the other wire trim to approx. 2 cm in length and make a small spiral to sit within the top loop. Make the second earring following all the steps again.

Step Five

Cut approx. two pieces of .6mm gold plated wire approx. 15cm in length and thread one carnelian on to each wire.

Step Six

Take one of the carnelians, at the centre point fold the wire back onto the gemstone to secure. Using fingers randomly curl the wire around one of the sides of the gemstone and then bring wire to meet at the top. Use the round nose pliers to make a loop with one of the wires.

Step Seven

Place the loop of the gemstone around the bottom loop of the earring you made earlier and secure with a wrapped loop. Trim both ends of wire. Repeat step six to make the second earring.

Step Eight

Make two ear wires by cutting two pieces of .8mm gold plated wire to approx. 5cm in length. Wrap each around the mandrel at the same point to make the loops in step one making sure one length is longer than the other. Make a loop with round nose pliers on the shorter end. Hammer gently to harden the wire and attach to the top loop of the earring. If you wish you can use your own ear wires from your stash.

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